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Could Promotacards be the 2nd most powerful networking tool?

Don't let business slip through your fingers, try Promotacards

7 simple ways to “Catch More Customers”, that you may not be using. To catch more customers you have to be good at ‘fishing’ and the more tempting the ‘hook’ the better the ‘catch’
The ‘hook’ - PromotaCards® mini presentations combine carefully constructed information with eye-catching design to lure:
  • Website visits and new inquiries
  • New referrals and repeat sales

A PromotaCard® is a mini brochure that can double up as a business card. It fits into a wallet or purse, is easy to hand out, and can promote a business in moments.

7 simple ways to “Catch More Customers”

1. Be recommended successfully more often.
Reach areas other marketing strategies cannot reach, by accessing the ‘Marketing Blind Spot’

Most successful businesses already understand the power of ‘Word of Mouth Recommendations’ and count on them to perpetuate sales. A lot of attention is rightly given to the product or service provided in order to entice existing clients to return and to recommend it to their friends. This is the first and most important thing to get right, otherwise customers will be lost and you will not receive many recommendations.

Here is the ‘Marketing Blind Spot’ so many of us overlook: the amount of recommendations that a business gets also depends on how effectively a happy client recommends that business. Most businesses are already doing the best they can. So the question is, how can you increase the ‘success ratio’ and get even more recommendations from the happy clients that you have?
There are two things a business can do to increase the ratio of recommendations:
1. Somehow improve the product or service even more. This may be expensive and difficult.
2. Have better recommendation strategies. The ‘PromotaCard® Concept’ is one such strategy.

At present, businesses rely on the expertise and enthusiasm of happy, loyal clients to recommend them successfully. We believe that most genuine recommendations are given from the heart and not because of a desire to gain something from that recommendation.

The ‘Marketing Blind Spot’ is not seeing how we can actually influence the ‘success ratio’ of recommen- dations by simply increasing the ability and effectiveness of a happy client, to recommend.

Short of sending them to night school to be better recommenders, the only answer I can see is to get a PromotaCard® (or something like it) into the wallet or purse of happy clients. This can be achieved in various ways depending on the business, I will elaborate on some ways later on.

How it Works:
If you have provided a customer with the best possible product or service, and he or she is happy to take away a PromotaCard®, positive things start to hap- pen!
When the PromotaCard® is produced alongside any recommendation, it adds weight to it, making the recommendation more effective and likely to convert to a new customer, an inquiry or a visit to your website.

Ask yourself this:
When an existing customer recommends my product or service to a friend, how useful would it be if they had to hand a neat PromotaCard® of my business? Wouldn’t it be valuable for helping to help back up that recommendation?

The PromotaCard® will be useful, if taken away as an attractive memento or reference, and it will certainly stand out in a crowd of normal business cards. Without major changes to your business, I cannot think of easier way of increasing the ratio of recommendations that a business gets.
This is why the PromotaCard® is often known as the:
2nd most powerful recommendation tool! (you being the first).

2. Keep attracting potential customers, for several years like a magnet
All The Money You spend on Advertising, Does It Work?
Of course it does. But what form of advertising is the most effective of all? Television? Radio? Newspaper? Billboards? Networkers know the answer, and it may surprise you, because it's one of your least expensive and smallest ads, dozens of which will fit easily into your pocket or purse: your business card.

When you hand someone your business card, you're setting in motion a chain of contacts that can become a new branch of your network. That's why you want your card to be attention-getting, pleasing, informative, and memorable -- so people will look at it, comment on it, pass it around, and keep it handy.

• It could demonstrate why people should do business with you
• It can show the person that you present it to that you are resourceful and creative
• Can stick in the memory like a great TV ad
• It presents your message to anyone who gains possession of it long after it has left your hands

The bottom line is that this tiny advertisement, which keeps working and working, can be the most cost effective promotional device you have.

Taken From Dr. Ivan Misner Book, It’s in the Cards
Inserting your business card into your mini brochure PromotaCard® or using the PromotaCard® as your business card can naturally put you message across more quickly and effectively.

3. While networking, help people to remember you and what you do more easily.
Make a lasting impression in seconds - without saying a word!
When networking or meeting new people in everyday business situations, it may not be possible or appropriate to bring out brochures and marketing materials. However, it is easy to pull out a PromotaCard® from a wallet or purse in a natural way, as you would a business card.

Besides showing contact details, your PromotaCard® can explain what you do and why people should do business with you. It can become a reminder, and a hook to a website or more information.

Sadly sometimes in general networking situations I come across people who many not remember my name or even face (unbelievably), however they all remember my PromotaCard®

4. Get more website visits from the right people.
Are you fed up with spending money on expensive marketing & brochures, when all you really want is to get potential clients to look at your website – which has all the information your prospects need?

A PromotaCard® can replace larger more expensive marketing material in a lot of instances. You don’t need to sell or tell the whole story on a

You simply need to make potential clients interest- ed or curious enough to visit your website, where everything is clearly shown, or pick up the phone and call you.

We all know that websites have become the main focus of marketing for many businesses. More resources are being committed to SEO – and it may well be necessary. I am just suggesting not to let other business slip through your fingers: business from people that you or your team bump into every day.
Once they understand what you do they may want to do business with you or recommend to you to their contacts who may also be potential customers. What simpler way to initiate interest then introducing them with your PromotaCard® in an appropriate way.
5. Cross-promote with other businesses.
Many non-competing businesses, especially local ones, would be very happy to cross-promote.

It is easy and very cost effective to cross-promote through alliances with non- competing businesses, especially local business and businesses that have the same customers base. For example:
Restaurants, hotels, bars and florists Hair salons, beauticians, therapists Kitchen shops, bathroom shops, flooring, estate agents

Even a customer or client of yours that has a business may be very happy to help by displaying a neat dispenser of PromotaCard® from your business.

6. Make an impression at conferences and exhibitions and be remembered long after the event.
Promote yourself in seconds, show innovation and creativity and be remembered.

Quite often visitors to exhibitions are overwhelmed with material and just keep relevant business cards PromotaCards® stand out in a crowd of other bland business cards. PromotaCard® can be given away more freely than you would leaflets and brochures, because PromotaCards® do the same job and are less expensive. They also have more mileage being a convenient credit card size, ending up in your recipients’ business card books.

If you have not seen a PromotaCards® at the exhibitions in the past here is the opportunity to show innovation and originality.

7. Increase your business, by reminding customers more effectively about you and what you do.
Give customers an ‘aide memoire’ to refer to a long time after your meeting.
Again a PromotaCard® is more likely to be kept with business cards and will act as a reminder for years and stand out in a crowd of bland business cards. A lot of businesses rely on repeat business. This mostly depends on the nature of your business and how good your service is.

You can increase your chances of gaining repeat business by offering customers a PromotaCard® at every opportunity, i.e. with invoices or receipts.
They will likely be kept with business cards, constantly standing out in the crowd of other normal busi- ness card and acting as a reminder and reference of your business for many months even years.
Price Guide
The table below shows guide starting price for 4 page promotacards.
Contact us with your exact requirements and we will send you a accurate quote.
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Contact us for information

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Marketing Tips

Your PromotaCard provides you with a “Mini Presentation” that instantly delivers your message, shows information, tells your story, introduces basic facts and shows testimonials – a hook for more information!

Your Promotacard
Complements or replaces larger, more expensive brochures.

Enables potential customers to look inside and “get a feel of” a business.

Shows location maps and draws attention to various facilities.

Is good for loyalty schemes, special events, promotions and "data collection"

It can be:
Used as an appointment card, with a price list

Posted out with products, invoices, quotes and statements

Offered to customers with receipts or when returning credit cards

Used to cross-promote with other businesses by using dispensers left in strategic places

Used at conferences, exhibitions, weddings, parties

When used instead of a traditional business card in everyday business situations Promotacards work harder for you and your business.
Could a PromotaCard be the 2nd Most Powerful Networking Tool?

When you use Promotacards as business cards they can have a real advantage over other marketing materials. For example, when you’re “networking”, it may not be possible or appropriate to start pulling out brochures or other materials. However, it’s easy to pull out a PromotaCard from a wallet or purse in a natural way, as one would a business card. Your PromotaCard not only indicates who you are; more importantly it can show what you do and why people should do business with you.

"A picture paints 1000 words"
The brain remembers "colour and images" much more easily than words alone.
Paradoxically, it is also said that "Documentation beats Conversation" - for credibility..
So why not have all the essential elements together on one effective PromotaCard, “even testimonials” if appropriate?

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